SHOCK VIDEO: ANTIFA Beat Trump Supporter Half To Death With Poles

ANTIFA seems to be showing up at almost every protest nowadays.  In their “group,” and all over their page on Facebook, they allegedly claim that they stand for “anti-fascism.”  The only problem is that every single action they have taken in these protests, is the epitome of totalitarianism, which is fascism in the purest form. Essentially they have taken a  collective stance of, if someone does not agree with their  particular centralized political viewpoint, you will be beaten or punished.  They claim by Antifa is that it is justified to beat “fascists” (trump supporters or conservatives) to a bloody pulp because in their words, “they are here to take our rights away.”  I know what you’re thinking.  What about the 1st amendment right? Well that just may be too much logic for this century’s version of Lenin-ites.

The word “antifa” comes from Antifaschismus, the German word for anti-fascism. Disguised in black clothes, boots and anti-Nazi patches, are 99% twenty-something year old dumb kids, driven by an ideology as powerful as communism was in pre-Glasnost Poland.  Alain Finkielkraut, a French Philosopher warned, “I think that the lofty idea of ‘the war on racism’ is gradually turning into a hideously false ideology. And this anti-racism will be for the 21st century what communism was for the 20th century: a source of violence.”

Here is a direct quote from their website:

“The National Socialist Movement and similar open fascist forces are seeking greater political legitimacy. They want greater influence within larger white nationalist and reactionary social and political forces, such as the anti-immigrant movement, the ‘tea-baggers,’ and the re-emerging militia movement.”


As we have seen in hundreds of videos before, kids dressed in black, faces covered in fear of their mothers seeing them, beating people with rods as a result of someone expressing their 1st amendment rights.   Here is the video below….


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