Seattle is Witnessing Record Levels of Police Officers Leaving its Police Force

Thanks to Black Lives Matter insanity, police officers all over America are turning their badges in. Can’t say, I blame them. With so much vitriol directed towards them and a number of leftist city councils voting to defund police departments, one of America’s most stable institutions is now on the chopping block.

One city that has thoroughly embraced the anti-police hysteria is Seattle. Last month, the city council approved budget cuts to the police department. According to the Seattle Mayor’s Office, record numbers of officers left the Seattle Police Department last month, likely in response to these cuts and the general anti-police sentiment sweeping across the city. The report revealed that 39 officers, which included three trainees, left the SPD in September.

Compared to the next two highest months recorded, September 2020 witnessed double the amount of cops leave the police force. For example, in June 2018 and June 2020, 17 officers left the police force in both instances.

In 2020, 28 officers with less than five years of experience serving on the police force went on to resign from their position. So far in 2020, 49 senior officers retired. 14 other officers joined the “extended leave” roster in September citing medical reasons.

Victoria Beach, the chair for the Seattle Police Department’s African American Community Advisory Council, expressed her shock towards the growing number of police officers leaving the Seattle Police force. “We’re in trouble,” she declared. “I don’t blame them for leaving. I want to leave Seattle!”

The African American Community Advisory Council member believes that the lack of policing will hurt economically disadvantaged communities:

Beach said she fears poorer communities will be most affected by short-staffing, and blamed the Seattle City Council for cutting the navigation team and other pieces of the department’s budget.

“Yes, we need to make changes in the police department,” she stated. “But you don’t do something without a plan. Why would you take the navigation team away before you had a plan?”

Beach often feels like she’s on an island when debating the need to have policing. In contrast to anti-police activists on the radical Left, she actually attended a rally backing the Seattle Police Department before the latest round of budget cuts.

“I was a little discouraged because there were a lot of people that were supporting SPD that had Trump shirts on, ‘Make America Great Again’ hats — they actually, I feel like, are hurting police departments,” she commented. “I had my sign supporting SPD but I also had a Black Lives Matter mask on. And so many people were confused like, ‘which side are you on?’ And it was like, why do I have to be on one side or the other? I’m for change — and to be reasonable.”

The sad truth is that those MAGA types are the only people who would actually defend the police, while Black Lives Matter activists would be working overtime to destroy the institution of policing altogether.

Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan said she would continue pushing for alternatives to traditional policing and also look to hire police in order to fill in the empty spots.

“We will continue to improve policing and reimagine community safety in Seattle by shifting some responses to community-based alternatives and civilian programs like Health One or Community Service Officers,” Durkan declared in a statement. “But the City also needs a sufficient number of officers who can respond to the most urgent 911 calls in all parts of our city at any time of the day.”

A number of exit interviews of police officers who left the force were released in 2019. They generally cited constant criticism coming from the Seattle City Council as a decisive factor for their departure. One of the officers interviewed said that he felt like “a political punching bag” after repeated scuffles between the police department and the city scuffle.

Seattle is moving down the wrong path with its anti-cop attitude. Context is everything when looking at Seattle. This is a city that let a rapper Raz Simone carve out a statelet, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), within its jurisdiction. Cooler heads eventually prevailed and the CHAZ was disbanded. Had it been allowed to continue the consolidation of CHAZ could have led to the all-too familiar collapses in order that characterize many Third World polities.

This is only the beginning for Seattle. The Left is playing the long game and their goal is to destroy policing as we know it. Seattle may be one of the launch pads for this radical experiment. Nationalists should keep their eyes peeled on what happens next in the Emerald City, because it could have national implications.