Screw The Infrastructure, California Just Proposed A Bill To Help Transgender Inmates…

Forget the dams, forget the spillways, forget about the infrastrcuture Californians.  Your state politicians love identity politics more than you or any other common hardworking America,  That’s one of the reason why they lost so bad in the elections. You would think they would start passing some common sense pieces of legislation right?  Nope. Common sense has no business in the state of California.

State Sen. Toni Atkins, a Democrat from San Diego, said Tuesday that her bill, SB310, would let state prison inmates apply for legal name changes without first getting approval from several state correctional officials.

Her bill would also apply to inmates in county jails.


Senator Atkins thought this would be the best way the the state of California should spend the tax dollars of hardworking Californians.  it’s safe to assume her brilliant idea came about after she saw the transgender inmate .Shiloh Quine become the first U.S. inmate to have state-paid sex-reassignment surgery.

Atkin’s bill would give inmates the same right to seek the legal changes as those who aren’t incarcerated. She says it would improve inmates’ chances of being rehabilitated.

Liberal logic at its finest.  Its no wonder the top ten poorest cities in America have been run by democrats for the past several decades.  Its no wonder California’s infrastructure is busting at the seams.  Because of faulty leadership, and thats an understatement.