Rogue Street Artists STRIKE AGAIN! – Anti Sanctuary City Street Art With Spoof On Aliens Movie All Over LA

The Left Can’t Meme Bro

If you haven’t heard of ‘Sabo’ or ‘the faction,’ you probably can’t meme either.  Sabo and the Faction are known for their rebellious, anti-PC-culture street art within the Southern California area.

Wednesday night, ‘The Faction’ took the reigns when they hit the Los Angeles streets to take advantage of the opening of the new Aliens movie set to hit theaters the next day.


Here is a video of the hit the night before the movie opened on various bus shelters in the LA area:

Sabo and The Faction are not restricted to LA either.  If duty calls, they will meme wherever and whenever they deem necessary. Sabo and members of ‘the faction’ hit Berkeley the night before the now infamous battle of Berkeley, that occurred on April 15th when Trump supporters charged Antifa out of town.  There were hilarious wall wraps and bus shelter signage galore, placed throughout Berkeley.  One of the most internet famous pictures of a Berkeley wall piece was quickly made into a meme….  Obviously.

Sabo also recently hit the streets outside of Maxine Waters’ town hall meeting in Los Angeles.  His artistic ability allows the signage to sometimes even blend in with already existing colors and landscape, almost subliminally convincing passerby citizens to follow the narrative of the well-placed street memes.

For instance, Sabo and a member of the faction will climb street lamp poles to hang cynical art on the street signs. In this piece you can see the clear anti-illegal immigration/Maxine Waters overtones.

Following the battle of Berkeley on April 15th, another event was planned on the 27th in which Ann Coulter was supposed to speak, however Coulter backed out at the last minute due to the YAF not providing security she deemed sufficient.

Conservative patriots however refused to let the left win. The Red Elephants, the based stick man army, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes and Trump supporters alike, all made sure the event still went on as planned.  Gavin  McInnes also made it a point to read Coulter’s speech. As the theme of this article goes on, Sabo hit Berkeley yet again.

The night before, Sabo hung sarcastic life-memes which were mostly a play-on the huge loss that Antifa took on the 15th.  More particularly, making fun of Moldy locks and the ‘bike lock attacker,’ whom is now identified as Eric Clanton, a professor at Diablo Valley College.  While everyone slept, Sabo hung the following…


Omar Navarro, a republican who is running against Maxine Waters for congress has also been brought up in topic.  It is said that Sabo is helping Omar Navarro, planning on the next hit against Maxine Waters in LA, which will also have pro-Navarro images.  The Daily Wire recently released an article showing Omar Navarro and other Trump supporters basically partying on Maxine Waters’ front law.  The video within the article, filmed by The Red Elephants, shows Omar and others talking about how Waters doesn’t live in the district she is claiming she represents.  Waters lives outside of the 43rd district in Hancock park, inside of a 4.3 million dollar mansion. The Red Elephants’ video within the Daily Wire article shows the Mariachi band that Omar brought along with him.