If The “Russian” Conspiracy Were True, Wouldn’t Trump Have Won The Popular Vote?

Never mind the fact that the DHS had no problem with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, leaking stories about what was happening during the Iraq war under the Bush administration. Never mind the fact that is it completely declassified that the U.S government meddled in the presidential elections of Chile and Israel, and that the CIA Director Richard Helms was caught lying about this under oath and only was charged with a misdemeanor for for the perjury, saying that there was no such meddling. Never mind that the CIA has provided no evidence to support its claims about Russia having an influence over the election at all. In the eyes of the mainstream media and the national-security establishment, all of this is irrelevant.

One question that does matter however, is, if Russia did have success in swaying the American voter’s mind during the 2016 election, wouldn’t Trump have won the ever so outplayed “popular vote.”  You know, one of the first things that the left was touting so loudly after the election was over? No one seems to be asking this question.

If you or any of your family members you see over this holiday break still have any doubt in their minds that Donald Trump won this election because the democrats had one of the most pathetic and corrupt candidates in history to date, and if they actually believe the left’s latest excuse that Russia actually did have any influence here, just watch this video and repeat what is said.



If this isn’t enough for them, and they insist on believing their beloved Hillary, their beloved Obama and their favorite political funny shows, then just show them their exact same beloved media, Hillary and Obama admitting that there is no possible way that these same Russian had any effect! This clip includes the daily show, John Oliver, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and CNN al saying there is no possible way any “rigging” would ever happen or could happen,