Ronald Reagan’s Amnesty is Still a Freaking Disaster

The Biden administration is committed to dispossessing Heritage Americans by importing 11 to 22 million illegal aliens hailing predominantly from Third World trash heaps. Even those who come from more advanced nations such as China, tend to have large 5th Columnists among their ranks that seek to undermine the U.S. should they be given the chance.

Democrats are the explicitly anti-white party in America. Just tuning in to the corporate media (if you’re fine with losing brain cells) will give you all you need to know about where Democrats stand on the issue of race.

However, Republicans can’t be let off free. They’ve played a crucial role in propping up the mass migration uniparty in D.C. and the overall anti-white narrative. Several writers like John Binder of Breitbart News constantly remind us of this fact that Conservativism Inc. shamans frequently ignore.

Binder cited a newly-released study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which found that the Reagan amnesty of 1986 caused a massive Zerg rush of migration into the U.S., let terrorists reside stateside, and amplified fraud.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden released some of the finer points of his amnesty plan which has the intentions of legalizing 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens currently living in the U.S., fly deported illegal aliens back to the U.S. in order to receive amnesty, and increase the number of legal migrants, among other schemes to increase mass migration.

FAIR’s study contends that Biden’s amnesty features the same problems that previous amnesties have caused  i.e. displacing the American working class, increasing migration levels, and bringing national security risks into the mix.

“You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to figure out that the massive amnesty the Biden administration is proposing will not produce any results other than those we have seen with past amnesties—only exponentially larger and infinitely more damaging to the national interest,” FAIR President Dan Stein declared.

What’s funny about the 1986 amnesty is how lawmakers initially marketed the legislation as a “tough on illegal immigration” bill. The bill would concede some benefits to a small group of illegal aliens but promised to enforce immigration law in a much stronger fashion on future occasions.

Or so it seemed. Binder observed that after the bill’s passage “illegal immigration levels slowed for about six months before returning to pre-amnesty levels. A decade later, the total number of illegal aliens had skyrocketed to more than eight million.”

The increase in illegal immigration was accompanied by a rise in legal immigration in large part due to the process of “chain migration” in which recently naturalized citizens are allowed to bring in unlimited numbers of foreign relatives to the U.S. Annual legal immigration has increased twofold since 1990.

The FAIR study makes the claim that over 1.6 million illegal aliens who received legal status as a result of the amnesty, displaced roughly 187,000 Americans and legal immigrants from their jobs annually.

In addition, the FAIR study found significant cases of fraud. The Center for Immigration Studies, a fellow traveler in immigration restriction advocacy, found that over ¼ of amnesty applications were fraudulent.

To those who understand the political implications of mass migration, the mass movement of people poses a major national security threat. Especially, if they hail from regions such as the Middle East, which is known for its religious fundamentalism.

FAIR makes the case that the Reagan amnesty “helped enable terrorism.” In the case of Egyptian national Mahmud Abouhalima, he was able to receive amnesty by fraudulently stating in his paperwork that he was a farm-worker when in reality he overstayed his tourist visa.

Thanks to this amnesty, Abouhalima was able to travel outside the country and visit Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he received terrorist training. The Egyptian national would later become one of the leaders of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and lbe convicted for an act of terrorism

“There is little reason to believe that terrorists wouldn’t again take advantage of an amnesty to embed themselves into American society,” FAIR researchers argue.

You saw it here, folks. Immigration is an all-encompassing issue that has the potential to capsize America’s institutions. California is exhibit A of what happens when you open the immigration floodgates. Often forgotten is how California used to be a state that Republicans could win from the 1950s up until the mid-2000s. But that changed after the effects of the Reagan amnesty set in. We do not need to continue going along with this dangerous experiment.

Since neither of the two parties really cares about stopping immigration, America First will most certainly fill the void.

Memo to Republicans: Either grow a pair and start pushing for immigration, both legal and illegal, or get out of the way.

America First is inevitable.