Roger Stone To Maxine Waters: “Give James Brown His Hair Back!”

Maxine Waters’ Challenger Gains Well Known Backers

PALOSN VERDES – At a fundraiser for Maxine Waters’ 2018 opponent, Omar Navarro, a familiar soundtrack played in the background as several donors and prominent political personalities gathered in support of Navarro’s campaign which actually kicked off in front of Maxine Waters’ mansion in Hancock Park.

Roger Stone was amongst the several figures I interviewed and he had a lot to say.  While James Brown’s hit “I feel good,” played in the background, Roger Stone explained to me why he thinks Navarro will beat Maxine Waters come 2018.  “The schools in this (43rd) district suck. The neighborhoods and streets are unsafe. There are no opportunities, there are no jobs.  No one can go out and make a living because because they’re locked in poverty, while Maxine Waters and her husband live posh,” Stone said. Stone also threw some humor in the interview saying that “the James Brown foundation wants that wig back,” referring to Waters’ unforgettable hairstyle.