Rockville Woman After Rape At School: “I’m Not Liberal Anymore.”

Superintendent of School Says We Must Not Let This Change Our Feelings About “Undocumented Students.”

After a shock in Rockville Maryland that we covered here, concerned teachers and parents took to the local school meeting to express their discernment.  In one of the clips of the meeting you can hear the superintendent of the school, where the rape by two illegal aliens occurred, say that we must not let this change our feelings about “undocumented student.”

“This Was Not An “Event,” This Was A Preventable Tragedy”

Naturally the angered parents and residents of Rockville, responded to this comment.  It was the typical heartless comment you would hear from someone on the left, while putting someone from another country above our own.  One of the parents courageously rebutted the speaker saying “this was not an ‘event,’ it was a preventable tragedy.”

“I Am Not Liberal Anymore”

Reporters took to the streets following the school meeting interviewing teachers and Rockville residents, asking how they felt about tragic incident, and their thoughts about how the school and city are handling it.  One woman said “this changed my mind about a lot of things, Im a former bleeding heart liberal.”

“They Increased Our Taxes To Pay For Illegals, And Now A Girl Is Raped.”

Another Rockville resident complained about the 8.7% tax increase that she claims was specifically instituted so that the city can afford to pay for the expenses of the illegal immigrants that are coming into Rockville at a 2,000 per year clip.  She says “our taxes were increased by 8.7% to pay for illegals, and now a little girl is raped.”

“3 Beatings And A Rape In The Past 3 Weeks”

A Rockville teacher also chimed in and expressed his feelings about the tragedy.  The teacher, like most of us, can’t understand how an 18 year old student with no residency can become a student at that grade level, let alone enroll into the school at all.  He also says that there have been two beatings and one rape now in the past 3 weeks at the school.