Robots Made Me Lose: The New Narrative

Blame The Russian Robots!

The other day while driving around in my car listening to NPR the long forgotten term “Fake News” came up. This time, the story was covering a group of engineers working on a way to vette commonly shared stories to the original source to see if it comes from a reputable start, and to look at the accounts sharing the story to see if they are real people or, based on their previous stories, if they are, and I quote “Russian bots.”

This development started a month ago:  When the narrative became about Russia Robots posing as Midwestern Swing Voters.

The Goal is to Explain How Online Informal Poll Go So Wrong So Fast:

Note that over the course of the poll, there are 17,000 votes, and a ratio of 6:1 on shares to contribution. That’s actually pretty similar to The Red Elephants high performing stories, which vary from 3:1 to 6:1, with the very rare 1:1 view to share ratio. All pretty organic really.

Since the start of the election the concept that robots have been automatically spreading articles is nothing new, though online troll farms have long been gloating about hilariously backfired polls. Lori Hendry has a right wing bias to her twitter, and other than the bravery of being a female on the internet(trust me it’s bad), for her to get those results on her poll are expected.


This is not normal:

Progress, a keyword by the left(if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) indicates that ProgressPolls has a solid blue slant.

Now, their polls give Floyd Mayweather a 50/50 shot over Conor MacGregor, so obviously their viewers are slightly delusional, but given that Trump only narrowly won a poll about who was a better president on an obviously pro Obama hashtag, we can assume this poll service records a fairly average slice of America.

At the time of this article the trending piece is about Mel Brooks stating that political correctness is killing comedy. (Mel is famous for ‘The Producers” a show about Nazism, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights which mocks fat people, Judaism, Christianity, blind people, witches, and tights, *tight* tights.)

Oh Jesus

When you look at how Jesus faced Pilate right before being sentenced to death(which, like all government projects, did not go as planned) a brief argument occurs over the truth(which Christ comes to testify) and Pilate, a politician accustomed to being lied to by mortals on a regular basis, asks “what is truth?”


That’s where we’re at right now.  Ask Yourself:

If you were the owner of the vaunted “Impeach POTUS” @ domain, which probably has a healthy following regardless of who gets elected, would you want to believe that literally 67% of people disagree with literally everything you stand for(note the  6:1 shares per view)?

Or if you were Hillary Clinton, or a Hillary Clinton Supporter, would you want to believe that despite getting 17,000 positive thumbs up, her appearance on Colbert garnered an additional 14,000 thumbs down?

At exactly 5:48 she brings up the notion of “fake Americans” to shift again the notion of Russian Hacking and Fake news into the concept of rather “Russian influence” and “fake Americans” to doubt a grassroots support network of voters worked for Trump in the way they circumvented one to when they failed entirely to secure nomination for Comrade Bernie “Free Stuff” Sanders. Add to this the story from Facebook about how Russian ad buys influenced the election with $50,000 worth of facebook ads against an opponent who spent 1.2 Billion dollars, and you have yet again a disparity between the accusation of false support, and the end result, which looked like this:


The New York Times would say papers are shrinking to make the switch to a majority online distribution method.  They themselves are selling off 8 Floors of space. Like the battle between the Beatles and Beach Boys resulted in Pet Sounds, this new media landscape has resulted in extreme sources like Alex Jones, Breitbart, and Rick Write.

On election day, November 8th, I turned to for live coverage. As I sat at my desk, it bothered me that I was actually turning to INFO WARS DOT COM for the news instead of CNN. But sadly, CNN had sunk so low that InfoWars was actually a more reputable source. Note, IW had not gotten better, just every other MSM source had gotten worse.

InfoWars tells me that Sasquatch flies his UFO in the air to leave ConTrails to control your mind and blind you to the Secret Lizard People Agenda to replace all your water with Fluoridated poison, but at least he’s consistent. Unlike the MSM, who did this:

Note, That’s Politifact on the Left, and they are dead wrong. The whole problem with the Fake News argument is that it asks how fake news rose, instead of why the MSM sunk.

And now the claim is that Artificial Intelligence plaid a role in the election.

Back when he was on a Presidential advisor on Economics, Elon Musk failed to notice the role of AI in the Presidential Election. How did the mainstream media notice this when literally the most vaunted luminary vision in Technology Development on earth did could not despite being literally on the Presidential Staff? Musk still supports Trump publicly.

The Russia Narrative has come down to 50,000 Dollars worth of Advertising, the equivalent of a Volkswagen Touareg, or a 2016 Cadillac SRX.

The whole point is to deligitimize the election of Mr. Trump, turning you, the voter, into this: