Rob Schneider BLASTS CNN After Blackmail Scandal

CNN Blackmail Scandal Getting National Attention

In case you haven’t heard, CNN recently tracked down a random internet user who created a meme depicting Donald Trump fighting several men in a wrestling ring who had CNN logos on their faces.

The investigative team for CNN literally hunted this man down and allegedly forced him to apologize with threat of exposing him publicly if he didn’t.  Well this story is getting national attention of course.  Yes CNN failed to cover the countless scandals and laws broken under the presidency of Barack Obama, but the international news conglomerate is using their resources and thousands of dollars to cover a meme some guy posted on the internet.

Well Rob Schneider, a politically vocal actor who has starred in several comedies usually along side Adam Sandler, decided to take to twitter as he has before to voice his displeasure for the recent actions of CNN.  And it was epic.

CNN has been hilariously labeled by millions of twitter users recently as ISIS complicit and a terrorist organization. I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t far off from the truth.  CNN has also recently had to retract several stories which ended up being fake news.  Not to mention being caught a multitude of times on cell phone footage during staging of shots to create psedo-news stories.

The blackmail story however is one of the biggest and we don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.