RIOTS CANCELLED: Derek Chauvin Found GUILTY on Weed-Smoking Day 4/20 — Democrat Pot-Heads Sit Back & ‘blaze it up’ in Celebration

Derek Chauvin has been found to be GUILTY on all three counts in what many will claim to be the ‘highest’ profile court case in recent years which has been fraught with riotous violence instigated by corrupt media personalities and crooked politicians. Democrats can ‘exhale’ a sigh of relief on this historic weed-smoking day 4/20.

Well, at least white folks and police still have a little bit of time to enjoy their lives without getting whacked for walking their dogs or whatever else it is white people do.

Here is a live look for George Floyd Square in Minneapolis:

Nobody is really sure why liberals across North America have chosen this day to mark their love for inhaling psychoactive dope smoke, but today, liberals have a new reason to celebrate.

Small business owners and Starbucks can also celebrate the fact that their store fronts won’t be looted and set on fire by peaceful Democrat rioters.

If you are a Democrat and you planned on rioting today rather than sitting back and frying your brain on dope weed joints, take a deep hit and just chill out, man. Weed will make you totally complacent and chill, dude. You should just smoke more weed because it doesn’t harm anybody. You could just get high and eat baglebites instead of rioting, dude!