RIGGED ELECTION: First Hand Testimony of Completed Ballots Being Transported From New York to Pensilvania

This truck driver’s first hand testimony of what he saw while air work on election night is one of the most jaw dropping personal stories from the rigged 2020 election I have ever heard.

Jesse Morgan drove thousands of completed ballots from New York to Pensilvania, before being told to sit in the lot until 3:00 Am, before the truck was to be unloaded.

This 10 minute video is a must watch. There are many more videos like it but this one in particular is so shocking, no honest man or woman could listen to it and claim there weren’t any instances of fraud surrounding election night.

The video testimony given by Jesse Morgan, a normal, well meaning guy, is only one of dozens of other individuals to give their personal testimony alleging fraud, ballot rigging and meddling during the 2020 residential election.