TRUMP: “We’ll See You In Court!” 9th Circuit Upholds Freeze – ‘We Will Never Forget’ Is Forgotten

“We Will Never Forget,” Seems Like It Was Forgotten

The temporary restraining order on Trump’s travel executive order was upheld on Thursday.  The 9th circuit court sided with the lower court as expected. 170206163713-donald-trump-signs-travel-order-exlarge-169

The question that remains, is whether President Trump will appeal and pursue a Supreme Court decision without his pick Neil Gorsuch on the stand?  Very likely.

It is also very likely that the Trump administration will attempt to alter the order instead of sending it through the Supreme Court, in hopes that it will pass through the lower courts.

The one way that this order would have been ‘untouchable,’ as most every pundit has mentioned, is creating the travel ban that bans ALL immigration for 7 years.  This legally, would have been inarguable  in the courts, rendering them powerless.  The effects of this type of executive order though would have birthed even more backlash though.


No matter the route they decide to go, if any asylum seeker, from now until this goes to a potential SCOTUS decision, causes any harm at all on an American, the blood will be on EVERY liberal American in the country, especially the Judge James Robart.

The Boston Bombers Were Asylum Seekers?

Although they are of Chechen ethnicity, the brothers immigrated to the U.S. in 2002 from Kyrgyzstan.

According to a Washington Post story:

When the brothers were young, the family lived in Kyrgyzstan, a former republic of the Soviet Union in Central Asia, home to a small Chechen diaspora. Dzhokhar, the younger brother, was reportedly born there, although his older brother was born in Russia, according to some news reports….

[Their parents] Anzor Tsarnaev and his wife arrived in the United States in early 2002 after gaining refu­gee status. Their two sons and two daughters followed a short time later with an aunt.