Republican Groups Calls on Trump to Institute IMMEDIATE Immigration Moratorium to Offset Economic Impact of Coronavirus

College republican groups across the nation have formed a coalition, expressing their support for a moratorium on immigration, calling on Trump to initiate an extended stop to all net immigration indefinitely.

Student organizations who have publicly expressed their support for the action include the University of Maine College Republicans, the UCLA Bruin Republicans, America First Bruins, the Berkeley College Republicans, College Republicans United at Arizona State University, San Diego State University College Republicans and Hussan University College Republicans.

Since 1965, America has taken in over 70 million immigrants, mostly made up of low wage workers. This constant and seemingly never-ending inflow of workers, has also caused a constant downward pressure on wages, which is exactly what the corporations who lobby for mass migration want.

The majority of the demographic that comprises most of the immigration America has received since 1965, also overwhelmingly consists of welfare beneficiaries. Over 50% of all immigrants are on one or more welfare program, and over 70% of all Hispanic immigrant headed households receive government welfare of some kind.

The recent victory by President Trump in the Supreme Court on the public charge rule will help curtail this, but it does not even come close to what America needs to offset this impact.

Because of the long term economic effects the international outbreak of COVID-19 is likely to cause, the University of Maine College Republicans group is calling on President Trump to initiate an immediate immigration moratorium for at least the next ten years.

Some economists project the economic impact will likely take years to completely recover from, and in a nation where the population of welfare recipients is growing while the population of welfare payers is decline, this will eventually lead to an even larger disaster that will dwarf that of any outbreak.

In attempts to burn the virus out, most nations have closed their borders to all travel entirely, but this is only temporary. When everyone eventually does return to work, and children return to school – the immigration lawyers will return also.  Within just a few months, global travel will be back up and running at full force, and immigration courts will be back in session. This is economically unsustainable for America.

Michelle Malkin expressed her support for the action called for by Republican groups. Delaware senate candidate Lauren Witzke quickly endorsed it as well, tweeting “We got your back, guys! #AmericanGraduatesFirst.”

The action was also endorsed by Jaden McNeil, president of America First Students at Kansas State University.

“In a campus climate dominated by Koch funded organizations that put America last, it’s great to see groups of young patriots taking a stand to put America first,” he told TGP.

The United States has ever growing population that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  The exponential population growth we have experienced is not because of our posterity as Americans, but because of immigration. As Americans, we have been below replacement birth rates since the 1970’s, so it is mathematically impossible for us to even replace ourselves, let alone increase the American population by 100 million as we have.

In 1950, America had a population of around 200 million people, today this has grown to over 300 million and we are projected to be over 400 million in the next couple of decades.  This is almost solely due to immigration and the children that the immigrants have.

The most unfortunate part of this situation is the fact the the majority of the immigrants coming over are not only causing a loss to native workers in regards to wages, but are also a major economic drain.  The demographic that makes up most of our immigrant population uses more government services than the amount of taxes they pay into the system.

After all of the taxes are paid in by both legal and illegal immigrants, we are left with a negligible $50 billion dollar short run surplus.  But it doesn’t end there. The final tally quickly changes when all of the public services and welfare is accounted for.  Start throwing in public education, ESL, cash and non-cash welfare, the criminal justice system, and other public services, and we arrive at the controversial deficit the media refuses to talk about.

Federal welfare spending breaks records every single year, and will continue to break records unless we stop the bleeding.

If we consider that around 85% of the immigration America has received since 1965 is comprised of the Hispanic demographic, and we acknowledge the overall government usage versus taxes paid into the system, it paints a dark picture of America’s economic future.

The only two major demographics that are actually paying more into the system than they are using, are non-Hispanic whites and Asians. On average, these two groups are footing the bill for the rest of the major ethnic groups in America every year.

Non-Hispanic whites are projected by the census bureau to become the minority in the country by the year 2045, and when this finally occurs who is going to be paying for the next $2 trillion dollar stimulus?

This is why it is important that President Trump listen to the calls of this group, and institute a moratorium on all immigration immediately.  No more low wage workers, no more H1-B recipients, no more E-B5 visas, no more F-1 visas, no more birth tourism, and no more birth right citizenship. No more net immigration at all, at least not for another 10 to 20 years until the ones who are already here can fully assimilate.

And last but not least, no more American workers being forced to train their foreign H-1B recipients.