Reporter BANNED From Facebook For Live Streaming Maxine Waters Town Hall

The Attack On Independent Journalism

Vincent James, founder of The Red Elephants Inc, a conservative news organization, was banned from Facebook for live streaming a recent California town hall meeting in Cudahy.  Last week, David Feiner, another reporter for The Red Elephants, had his live stream deleted within an hour into his stream of the Maxine Waters’ town hall.  The video was deleted by Facebook and a thirty day ban was issued.

The Red Elephants Facebook page has over 170,000 followers, with many of them viewers of the almost 100 streams of political events the page has covered.  The Red Elephants have broken many stories including the attack of Antonio Foreman who was stabbed nine times following a political event in Santa Monica.

Are The Red Elephants objective journalism? No. They are definitely advocacy journalists, however they share the stories in full context while also sharing op-eds on their experience and footage in correlation to the story.  If live streaming is somehow ‘hate speech,’ then Facebook recently decided it was.

With the initiation of the super chat and the fact that YouTube doesn’t partake in censorship to the extent of Facebook, James has stated that he is attempting to migrate the 170,000 followers of The Red Elephants’ Facebook page over to YouTube for the live streams.

If Brianna Sparks of BuzzFeed LA can live stream all of the Cudahy and Maxine Waters town halls without any inkling of threat to have the video flagged from the biased social media platform, then objectively The Red Elephants should have the same free reign to live stream the same exact events.  Regardless if Facebook is a private company or not, this is true and utter censorship selected solely upon political view points between the two media companies.