Remember When Alex Jones Fought The Young Turks At The RNC? That Was Awesome

The Young Turks are back in the news again as of recent following a tweet by Cenk Uygur saying that Trump is “filling his cabinet with warmongers.”

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-3-15-37-pmWell, this tweet was followed by a firestorm on twitter, by some prominent conservative journalists, and the rest of the right-leaning twitter folk to quickly correct Cenk on his foolish comment.

This brings us back to the DNC debacle.  Which was hilarious to say the least.  Alex Jones decided to grab some attention by crashing the TYT show that was being filmed at the DNC. Using some troll-level-10,000 remarks, he was able to get a rise out of Cenk which turned bad real fast.

Yesterday, Steven Crowder uploaded a video to his youtube channel making fun of what unfolded, and the, what seems to be, the ongoing feud between The Young Turks and Alex Jones.  Crowder dressed up as both Cenk and Ana Kasparian in this hilarious spoof. Here is part 1:

And of course, we have the famous live TYT meltdown when they started to realize that Trump was going to win.  Crowder wasn’t the only one who made fun him.  Here’s a viral video recalling the hysterical meltdown…