The Real Reason The Left Wants The $15 Minimum Wage Hike

The Minimum Wage War

Yesterday, my 13 year old son came to tell me that he downloaded the application for a work permit. He is overjoyed at the thought that he can get a job when he turns 14 in a few short months. While this is exciting for some teenagers, the reality is troubling. These jobs aren’t as plentiful as they once were. Further, there are adults holding onto positions and they are locking arms with the Democrat party to demand a minimum wage increase.

In California, the current minimum wage is $10.50 and hour. And the current push is to grow that number to $15.00 per hour nationwide.

Arguments in favor of the wage increase are not as benevolent as they propose. The liberal agenda has been set forth by the gamut of online, print and television media. Rolling Stone sought to pressure Washington to mandate the increase on the Federal level minwageexplaining, “the stereotype of a minimum-wage worker was a teenager flipping burgers” and belonged to our country’s bygone era of prosperity. Adding further, that these jobs are now held by workers 25 and older. Even former ranking Democrat House Labor Committee Rep. George Miller (D) argued that those demographics have shifted and those who hold these jobs are now the important wage earners for their families!

Once again, the Democrat party is pushing to promote social and economic dependence. Many articles do not hide the fact that they believe these moves will be great for the Democrat Party allegiance. What is not stated is that a worker making minimum wage at the proposed $15.00 per hour increase will come to a whopping $31,200 annually- if you were able to get 40 hour work weeks for the entire year. That puts you slightly above the Federal Poverty level (FPL) and comfortably in the 100-400%FPL guidelines to qualify your household for food stamps, funds for education and of course, Obamacare. Obama even took the opportunity to snipe at conservatives during his January 2014 State of the Union Address saying that they should join the Democrats and, “Give America a Raise.”

The result of such an action will be far reaching. Employers will be forced to create ways to recover these wage increases through
increased product costs or automation; decreasing the amount of employees needed per shift. Taxation for government assistance programs will continue to skyrocket and only affect those with ral paying jobs. Government dependence will continue to grow a low income, low informed work-force with no drive or career aspirations marching lock-step with blind loyalty to the Democrat Party. And they do. Just look at the 2016 Presidential election and the backlash from the liberals fearing to loss of any of their government assistance.

142811-620x370These jobs are meant to be a stepping stone, not a career. Conservatives understand that government subsidies don’t lead to a socialist utopia. If government assistance was taken away, or drastically reduced, these jobs would likely inspire employees to climb the ladder or move on to better living. Standing in the way are liberals who know that nanny-state constituents are guaranteed to vote Democrat, march for inequalities, oppose prosperity and will be loyal for life.



  • By Steven Millis