Read The Pittsburgh Shooter’s Entire Social Media Feed Here.

The Media and Thousands of American Jews Blame Trump for The Shooting, Even Though the Shooter Was Staunchly Anti-Trump

A Jewish GQ Magazine reporter places the blame at the feet of Trump for the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, while hundreds of others chimed in against him as well.  “The embassy isn’t worth it,” says one.  Read the thread below:

Robby Starbuck, a conservative twitter influencer points out that the shooter was staunchly anti-Trump, yet thousands of American Jews and the mainstream media coming their efforts today to blame Trump and the 2nd amendment.  See link below to read the entire social media profile feed of the shooter:

It is also important to note that the entire social media account, profile, and feed of the Synagogue shooter was archived 14 hours before the first news broke of the shooting occurrence.

Is this tweet below, it outlines the exact time that the social media profile was archived by someone.

Possibly someone who knew the shooter chimed in on our Facebook page.  She states that she lives 4 miles from where the shooting occurred.  She states that she believes he was upset about the the “Tens of thousands of Somalis brought to their neighborhood by Jewish groups like HIAS.”