Rand Paul and Mark Sanford Unveil Obamacare Replacement Bill

The First Blow To The Deadly ACA

After Matt Drudge went on a tirade about the establishment stalling on introducing a bill for the ACA replacement, the Republicans, led by Rand Paul have finally proposed a clean cut bill to do just that.

If you watched the debate between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz the other day, you may have heard about the “forty-nines.”  There are approximately 2.79 million small business in America currently,  and a lot of those businesses only employ 49 employees for a reason.  If these small business were to hit their 50th employee, Obamacare would kick in and bankrupt them. Most of these businesses say that they can afford to hire more employees.

Even though its much larger than this, lets take the small number; If there are 450,000 small businesses that have 49 employees, but could be hiring 20 additional employees, that is approximately 445,000 jobs that could be created, if not for Obamacare.  The number is probably closer to over 1 million jobs lost because of the ACA though.

Hopefully this is the first of better things to come for America…