Race Baiters Attack Casey Affleck

The social justice left is so sad that a black man didn’t win best actor.  Proving yet again why they lost.  The left, especially black liberals, are the most blatantly racist people that exist, and this just further proves it.  This identity politics ploy has moved all the way into the Oscars now.

With the black power emoji and all, this twitter SJW compares Denzel’s loss of the award to the election of Donald Trump.  There are so many things to say about this that we can fill a few page breaks but let’s just let this racist tweet speak for itself.

 Another glaringly racist tweet.  Has she never heard of OJ?  Im pretty sure he was black and literally got off for murder.  The rich part yes, the black part… imaginary.

And here we go.  They just can’t take losing.  As I explained in one of our earlier articles, these are products of bad parenting and horrible indoctrination in our nation’s federal controlled schools.

Trump Supporters Protest At The Oscars