THE PURGE: Youtube Hires Far Left Group To Police Right-Wing Videos. Hundreds Of Channels Deleted

Welcome To 1984

Google recently hired 10,000 new employees to police what they call ‘extremist content.’ However, as we are now finding out the content they call ‘extremist,’ means anyone who expresses viewpoints on the platform that are to the right of Karl Marx.

Following the Florida shooting YouTube also removed and banned hundreds of accounts and videos from it’s platform in an attempt to curb what it calls ‘conspiracy theories.’  Most of the videos that were purged however weren’t conspiracies at all.  Some were commentary about the media incorrectly reporting that Nikolas Cruz was a part of a white supremacist group which the AP even admitted was false, and some just simply criticizing the rhetoric by survivors David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.

Google hired the Southern Poverty Law center as its internet ‘wrong-think’ police to be a part of what they call a ‘trusted flagger’ program.  Since this program’s inception, any channel that is conservative leaning, skeptical of mainstream media narrative or simply criticizes social justice warriors are now being either completely banned from the platform or having their videos removed one by one until they reach three strikes.  Three strikes on YouTube equals a permanent ban.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, is an organization that has been caught preaching anti-white and anti-conservative beliefs.  They have even deemed Ben Carson and Jeanine Pirro as ‘extremists.’ This is pretty much all you need to know on how they rate ‘extremism’ as they go about policing YouTube looking for videos to remove.

The SPLC has been given ‘trusted flagger’ rights on the platform which means that they can flag any video or channel they don’t agree with, and it will be taken down without approval.

This is now even happening to some of the much larger accounts that are quasi-mainstream conservative/centrist media.  The Infowars YouTube account has fallen victim to the SPLC flaggers recently, as well.  The channel was originally given two strikes with one appealed only after strong public outcry. But other channels, including The Red Elephants, Revenge of the Cis, Baked Alaska and hundreds of others, don’t have the capability of reproducing this level of backlash.

Larger Centrist channels who criticize feminists or people on the mainstream left are even being shut down.  A YouTube named Sargon of Akkad who has a channel called “The Thinkery,” has been completely locked out of all of his YouTube accounts.

In a Facebook post, Sargon voiced his displeasure with YouTube’s actions saying that he was locked out of all of his channels even though none of his channels had strikes.

Andy Warski, Another popular YouTuber with over 275,000 followers, who simply hosts debates and discussions by opposing ideologies, has received a strike for criticizing Franchesca Ramsey, a well-known MTV and internet personality.

The video that was flagged by the ‘trusted SPLC flaggers,’ was from months ago.  This particular occurrence makes it seem as if the SPLC employees are searching and sifting through all of the accounts they disagree with, finding videos they can delete, and then applying strikes until the account is banned. This incident is similar to what is happening with Infowars.

The ADL (Anti Defamation League) has even recently publicly applauded YouTube and the Southern Poverty Law Center for policing what they call ‘hate content.’  The ADL is also a part of the trusted flagger program and has lended a hand to YouTube in this censorship campaign.

On the ADL and SPLC website, most of the people who are being taken down or censored from YouTube as of recent, are all also listed on both of those websites as ‘extremists’ or ‘far right’ personalities.