Protesters / Rioters Wear Safety Pins to Represent “Safe Spaces” Post Election.

Rioters and protesters across the country were seen wearing symbolic safety pins during their demonstration to represent a “safe space” for people feeling “unsafe” post election.

Yes this actually happened, you are not viewing a satirical article.

People took to social media Friday to rep their “safety” pins they were donning as they marched, burned, pillaged broke car windshields and assaulted… To represent safety… As they safely destroyed things.

Here are some of the special snowflakes’ twitter pictures:


Hilarious social media-goers fired back with some humor filled comebacks for the social justice warriors:


Prominent and famous SJW’s like Jamie Tworkowski, owner of non profit organization, To Write Love on her Arms (TWLOHA), even joined in on the hypocritical campaign. He tweeted that the action of wearing a safety pin on your shirt was “beautiful.”screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-10-57-21-pm

Ahh the direct result of the age of children that never heard the word “no” from their parents and received a participation trophy in the soccer league that never kept score.