Protesters At Portland Airport Knock Out Trump Supporter While Chanting “Peace”

Products Of Propaganda Storm Airport

Violent mob of protesters arrived  in the Portland Airport Sunday protesting Trump’s immigration order.  A man with a cell phoned captured the violent herd rushing into the entrance of the baggage claim knocking out an alleged Trump supporter, while at the same time chanting “peaceful protest.”

After the occurrence, a man can be seen screaming “that’s right, you a’int got nothing on me,” while the man is down and airport police swarm the area.

This is the violent product of media propaganda that the left has given us for so long.  The angry mobs, the destruction and domestic terror from the left is birthed from the mainstream media absolutely refusing to report the truth. Truth like former President Barack Obama also has banned  immigration from muslim countries six times during his presidency.  Or honest reporting showing people that Obama also deported more illegal immigrants that all of the previous president combined in the 20th century,

The ministry of media propaganda must change.  Or more death and destruction will be headed our way for the next four, and maybe eight years.



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