Protesters Arrested As GOP Moves Tax Bill Through By a Single Vote

GOP Moves Tax Bill Through Budget Committee By a Single Vote

The Senate Budget Committee reported the GOP’s massive tax plan to the full Senate on Tuesday, clearing the last procedural hurdle before the bill can be debated by the whole chamber.

Republican leaders were slightly worried about its committee prospects after GOP Sens. Ron Johnson and Bob Corker, both members of the Budget Committee, said on Monday they would not vote for the bill without changes.

Republicans met on Tuesday to hash out their concerns, and both voted to report it out of committee. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) passed the committee on a party-line vote of 12 to 11.

Protesters were in attendance outside of the meeting, and after several warnings by police the protesters persisted and several them were arrested.

According to a video by Aida Chavez, a reporter for the intercept, Police gave three warnings before making arrests on Capitol Hill.