Progressives To Dig Up Graves Of American Historical Figures — Support From Government

The graves of American historical figures are being dug up, desecrated and removed after progressive democrat groups and media outlets alike continue their endless crusade against American history.

Not long after the city of Memphis in Tennessee sold off a park to Memphis Greenspace Inc for a measly $1,000, the confederate monument of General Nathan Bedford Forrest was taken down. Now, after what some claim to be a disturbing collaboration between the city of Memphis and radically progressive political left-wing groups, the graves of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife Mary Ann, will be dug up and removed from the park.

Nathan Bedford Forrest

“Yesterday they took down statues, today they dig up graves. What will they take tomorrow?”

Interestingly enough, Nathan Bedford Forrest was so historically influential, he even had a spot in the Tom Hanks box office hit Forrest Gump.

The City Council unanimously approved the sale of Health Science Park, home of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and its easement on Fourth Bluff Park, home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, for $1,000 each to Memphis Greenspace Inc. Fourth Bluff, or Memphis Park, is owned by a group called The Overton Heirs.

The sale — which is almost certain to result in a lawsuit from statue supporters — allows Greenspace to legally do what the city of Memphis cannot: Remove the statues from their visible perches in the parks, Chief Legal Officer Bruce McMullen said. He said they would be stored in an undisclosed location for security reasons. –Commercialappeal

The decision comes after a group called The Sons of Confederate Veterans dropped its pending lawsuit against Memphis Greenspace after reaching an out of court agreement. Now the graves of the Confederate soldier and his wife are to be permanently relocated. –WREG