“Pro-Woman” Alyssa Milano Helping Adulterer Gavin Newsom With Campaign

The Hypocrisy Runs Deep

With the left, morals sure do go right in the trash if the paycheck is big enough.

Such is the case with Alyssa Milano, who has be very vocal in the fight for women’s rights, anti-misogyny and the #metoo movement. Milano was once quoted in saying “we’re not going to stand for it anymore,” when talking about women and the movement against sexual harassment.

It looks good, it sounds good, but it’s not real.

She is now helping with the campaign of Gavin Newsom, a man that the New York Times exposed for cheating on his wife with another married woman.

Milano has given the Gavin Newsom campaign permission to use her name in a series of email blasts asking San Francisco citizens to support him against the “xenophobic misogyinist in the white house.” The emails look like they’re coming from Alyssa Milano however they’re really just coming from our very own misogynist mayor of San Francisco. He obviously couldn’t call someone a ‘misogynist’ himself because of all the home wrecking he’s been doing.

Let’s see what the emails have to say about…. you know, misogyny. Sorry, I have to use that word a couple more times here…

Just to put this into perspective, there are mass emails being sent out using the name of a woman who is a strong public proponent against “misogyny,” for a campaign that is run by a man who cheated on his wife with another married woman. Classic.

I wonder what definition of misogyny Milano goes by.

Here is a string of private messages that were obtained by Mike Tokes in a conversation with Milano about the mass email blast campaign.  She sates that she “only gave them permission to use her name.”  So I guess aiding an adulterer is ok as long as he just uses her name?