Why Are Pro-White Messages Considered Hate Speech?

The Social Conditioning of White Americans

A few weeks ago there was a story that ran in the news regarding the ‘free speech rock’ that is situated on the campus of the University of Tennessee.  Students are allowed to pass by and write anything they want on the rock, any expression they desire… that is of course unless it is anything that advocates for the interest of white Americans.

Right away news outlets all across the country ran with news segments and articles with captions like “hate speech vandalism hits Tennessee” and University responds to “hate speech on rock.”

As America becomes less and less a white majority occupied country, this got me thinking… Is anything that is pro-white hate speech?  How long has it been like this?  Is this rule only for white people?  The short answer is yes.  A much longer explanation is required though for the reason why.

But back to the “free speech rock” for a minute here….

Facebook and Twitter users saying “UT should do more to address racism. ” Allies of Knoxville’s Immigrant Neighbors, a local group involved with immigrants’ rights, tweeted that UT’s response was “not good enough.” And that It “shouldn’t be hard to take a firm stance against hate speech on campus.”

But if the rock said “black power,” “black lives matter,” or “Latino Pride,” would students even care? No.  They wouldn’t.  They would cheer on those messages deeming them “beautiful,” and “empowering.”  This is 100% what would happen.

Another case would be the 4chan meme “It’s okay to be white.” This was a brilliant meme because they knew, everyone knew how people would react to the meme.  They reacted exactly how they did with the rock in Tennessee.  They called it racist hate speech. They said that the appearance of “It’s OK to be white” and similar posters on the College campuses left students and staff feeling ‘frightened,’ ‘angry’ and ‘threatened.’

Could it be that the media, academia and hollywood have mentally trained everyone, white people especially, to recoil from these things?  To shun anything that promotes white advocacy while cheering one every other group’s ability to advocate for their group’s preferences?  Think about it.  You have countless pro-black groups and pro-latino groups.  The Huffington Post even wrote this article entitled “28 Organizations that empower black communities.”

No one bats an eye…

The truth of the matter is that white people are actually a global minority.  White Americans are also quickly becoming the minority in America with 2045 being the date where white people of European descent become the absolute minority in this country.  Why?

Before 1965, America’s immigration policy was set up to mostly accept immigrants coming from western developed nations because immigrants coming from those nations were more easily assimilated into our culture here.  They also learned english quickly and some even changed their last names to sound more American.  The only problem with that was the democrats noticed these immigrants were a hard sell when it came to their policies.

So in 1965 they passed an act that switched America’s immigration from majority European to the majority hispanic from Mexico.  Within just 50 years America went from around 90% white of European descent to 60% And even if we were to halt immigration completely, by 2045 European Americans will still become the absolute minority in America because of birth rates amongst whites being substantially lower than that of Hispanics from Mexico.

The left realized that foreign born hispanics vote around 80% for the left, so they started to campaign to call the immigration policy we had pre-1965 ‘racist’ and ‘discriminitory.’  Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy who played a major role in helping passing the 1965 immigration act promised in a speech that the passing of this bill won’t change America’s demographics or cause americans to lose their jobs.  Obviously, none of this was true.

Education, Hollywood and the news media are obviously a major factor in this conditioning.  We are seeing more an more professors and teachers calling for whites to ‘commit suicide’ or that they should be ashamed of themselves because their ancestors were colonists.  I for one am not buying one bit of this, and neither should you.

If the black community really wanted to empower themselves and their families, they would change their culture from within, venerate the family structure, and put their money in black owned banks and businesses.