MEME WAR 2020: Pro-Trump Trolls Deface Kamala Harris Website β€” Kamala Promotes Website Selling Pro-Trump T-Shirts

Pro-Trump trolls took over a website previously owned by Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris continues to promote the website on her verified social media accounts, as well as on other official websites.

Kamala Harris says “MyKamala is off to a great start. Go to to check it out”. While the website re-directs to a pro-Trump troll page.

The website brings you to an image of President Donald Trump, coddling a baby Kamala Harris in front of an American flag.

When clicking on the “BUY THE SHIRT” tab, users are led to an online store where you can buy the official MyKamala T-shirt.

It is unknown at this time whether the website has any affiliation with the Trump campaign.

We’ve uploaded screenshots of Kamala Harris tweets promoting the website, in the case of her deleting them.Β