President Donald Trump Must Not Concede A Fraudulent Election — Republicans Must Uphold Law in Face of Overwhelming Election Meddling

Democrats have systematically stolen a presidential election and they are counting on their pals in the Media to bombard you with an overwhelming amount of demoralization propaganda that you do end up accepting it. The president-elect can only be called so after the counting has stopped, and all legal challenges to the vote have been resolved.

While lawsuits continue to pile up, re-counts begin and audits question the authenticity of thousands of votes, Republican lawmakers who challenge the authenticity of the election results are being bombarded with threats of violence from the Democrat’s friends in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Republicans who beed the knee today, have forgotten everything they have learned over the past 4 years. Bowing to the left-wing mob will not save them, even radically progressive Portland mayor Ted Wheeler has been targeted by his own constituents over not being progressive enough. Will Republicans have to one-up Ted Wheeler to avoid persecution from the mob? Will Republicans be left alone once they endorse mandatory child gender transitions?

The Republicans are walking on a fine line between getting everything they could imagine, and losing the presidency for eternity. They have a clear choice to make, and they must do right, in the face of overwhelming pressure, to uphold the law of the land and re-elect President Donald J Trump.