Potential Jurors in Derek Chauvin Trial ‘Concerned’ for their Safety due to Black Lives Matter Violence Similar to that Following George Floyd Death

Potential jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial have already begun expressing concern for their safety as memories of the 2020 George Floyd riots reignite amid pre-trial jury selection.

Juror #8 has expressed concern for himself and his family as the trial is undeniably tainted with threats of violence from Black Lives Matter protesters who set the U.S. on fire in 2020 following the highly publicized death of George Floyd.

Potential juror #10 expressed concerns for his safety and being targeted from ‘certain organizations’

Juror #9 was ‘shocked’ to see protestors outside. Whether juror #9 votes for or against Derek Chauvin, she will undeniably fall victim of black lives matter protesters, who vow to protest, during and after the trial.

Justice has become a spectacle in the U.S. where the potential legal outcome of a trial is swayed by potential violence from third party agitators.

Juror #11 said he did not want to be on the jury and that he is anxious and overwhelmed. The barricades around the building were erected to protect jurors and officials from violent Black Lives Matter mobs.

Politically motivated mobs threatening violence, politically motivated journalists threatening to publicly release information and politically motivated prosecutors who’re swayed by threats from the former have all contributed to the downfall of justice, and replaced it with what we see today.