Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Joins Antifa Riot — Get’s Tear Gassed, Assaulted by Rioters

In an unsurprising yet bizarre turn of events, Portland mayor Ted Wheeler joins Antifa in an anti-police riot where assaults, vandalism and fires can be seen raging all around him.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s day begins by entering the riotous crowd only to be met with harassment, and visceral hatred from the crowd. One individual is seen dumping a bag of trash before his feet, stopping him in his tracks.

Later on in the evening, mayor Wheeler is seen facing off with law enforcement, while fires and vandalism rage all around him. Law enforcement is then seen quelling the unrest with tear gas canisters.

Mayor Ted Wheeler attempted to give a speech to the crowd, only to be met with profanity and hatred.

Ted Wheeler was asked if he would commit to abolishing the police, in which he responded in the negative. The crowd then began booing the mayor. An individual from the crowd then attempted to place a stolen police officers hat on the mayor’s head.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is then seen leaving the riot, followed by the angry mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who are seen heckling and throwing objects at the mayor.

After Portland mayor Ted Wheeler had left the riot, violence and mayhem continued on throughout the evening as the mob can be seen throwing projectiles towards officers and lighting fires throughout the city.