Police Draw Guns On Car Full Of Trump Supporters After City Hall Meeting

Is this America?

CUDAHY, CA – After visiting a local city council meeting at the Cudahy City Hall regarding the city’s sanctuary status, a group of Trump supporters were met with a situation that they likely never expected.

This particular group of like-minded conservatives have been going to places like Cudahy, Gardena and many other town halls and city halls for years to fight against corruption and policies that they deem to be detrimental to California and the country.  Cudahy is always a high intensity place, there are several videos over the past year circulating online that show arguments, yelling and physical fights outside of the hall.

This time was a bit different though.

Just like all of the other meetings, Trump supporters were greeted with threats and harassment following the scheduled council gathering, and just like every other time, they walked back to their cars and were followed while being harassed.  This time though, after leaving and driving a couple of blocks down the road, Vincent James, a man who was live streaming for The Red Elephants on YouTube, noticed that a car carrying a few of the others that were with him had been surrounded by the police.


CREDIT :  The LAist

James decided to stop his vehicle and continue to film the occurrence as it unfolded live.  One by one, the police ordered the members of the group to exit the vehicle with their guns drawn upon them.  One by one, each of them walked backwards slowly towards the police cruiser.

Harim Uziel was among the occupants of the white vehicle and was also live streaming as the police pointed their weapons at them. Thomas Green, 51, of Culver City, a man that is licensed to carry a concealed weapon (CCW), was the driver of the vehicle. The other two occupants were Elsa Aldeguar, an activist, and Torrie Navarro, wife of Omar Navarro who is running for congress against Maxine Waters.

Reports show that everyone was eventually released, aside from Green who was cited for brandishing a weapon and let go later that day with promise to appear.  Many mainstream news reports are alleging that the Trump supporters entered the town with the sole purpose of ‘terrorizing’ the citizens due to the city’s pro-illegal immigration status.  This is apparently not the case.

Here is a video breakdown of all that occurred on Monday from start to finish …

The truth, as always, is brought to you in the latest Red Elephants video: