Photographer Finally Reveals What Happened After Hillary Clinton Collapsed At 9/11 Memorial

The photographer that captured Hillary Clinton’s health episode on camera may be remembered as one of the most influential people in the entire 2016 presidential election. Zdenek Gazda, from Verona, filmed Clinton collapsing during her walk to a security van after leaving the September 11th Memorial Ceremony.

His famous video clip reportedly earned him over $100,000 and showed the country that Clinton may have some health issues.

“People say to me that it showed she’s not strong,” Gazda said on Friday. “If I wasn’t there, nobody would have known what happened….People need to know the truth.”

Gazda was apparently the only photographer in the area when it happened because when he posted the video to his Twitter account he reportedly woke up to over 26,000 messages from news organizations requesting to use it.

The interesting ¬†part of the interview Gazda recently had with the Philly Inquirer was what he said he saw after he turned the camera¬†off. To most it looked like Clinton simply fainted. Here’s the video.


According to Gazda, when he turned his camera off he witnessed Clinton shaking in the van.

Clinton’s campaign initially said Clinton left the 15th annual observance at Ground Zero because she felt “overheated.”

Gazda, who had made more than $100,000 for his famous 20-second clip, said after he turned off his video, said he saw Clinton shaking inside the van.

Gazda was seemingly in the right place at the right time, and America watched Hillary’s health episode with extreme concern. The latest news looks like it could have been even worse than people originally thought. Up until now, nobody knew about this “shaking inside the van,” it’s likely people will now start to speculate even further and draw their own conclusions.