Petition Requests President Trump “Invoke Insurrection Act to Take Back Our Republic With Military” — Needs 94,000 Signatures for White House Response

An official White House petition is requesting President Donald J trump invoke the Insurrection Act to “take back our republic” with the military, citing evidence of mass voter fraud that has disenfranchised hundreds of millions of American voters. 

We The People of The United States (WTPTUS), wish to announce that we are tired of being betrayed by our Governors, Mayors, Legislators, Judges, Attorney Generals who refuse to honor their Oaths of Office to uphold the Constitution and Represent their Constituents as they swore to do when they took office.

The loss of our Constitutional Rights (free speech) and the rampant election/voter fraud left unremedied by all legal channels, became the last straw, in a long train of abuses.

WTPTUS request that President Trump, our Duly Elected President, by an overwhelming majority of LEGAL Votes, invoke the Insurrection Act and all emergency powers available to him including the Military to take back control of Our Country and restore the Rule of Law our Constitution and our Republic.

The petition which has already gained thousands of signatures needs just over 94,000 more signees to get a direct response from the White House.

If President Donald J Trump is to invoke the Insurrection Act, and seize control of our runaway voting system, he could then use this power to fix the fraud that has gripped our nation and inflict justice on those who have corrupted it.

Sign the petition here: Invoke Insurrection Act