Peter Sweden Doxxed By ‘Hope Not Hate’, A Spy Group Coming to the US

There May Be Infiltrators In Our Ranks

There may be infiltrators in our ranks that are great at manipulating, talking and gathering information on the movement.
A British advocacy group, Hope Not Hate, is setting up shop in the US, promising to bring “undercover operatives” to infiltrate our country in their campaign to “counter racism and fascism.”  However, they target conservatives and those who oppose globalism and mass immigration.  Hope Not Hate is partially funded by a branch of the UK government, the Department for Communities and Local Government, which raises questions about whether a foreign-funded spy ring will be operating on US soil.  Hope Not Hate has received additional funding from George Soros.
Hope Not Hate was founded in 2004 by Nick Lowles, a former editor of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight.  Hope Not Hate has ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that is known for conflating extremist groups with conservatives and Christians, and they publish a ‘hate map’ that sets conservatives up as targets.
Hate Not Hope doxxed a man known as Peter Sweden, an activist opposed to open immigration into Europe, and a member of Defend Europe.  He worked to stop economic migrants from Africa from sailing to Italy.  He says that Hope Not Hate used the internet to publish his personal information and the personal information of his family.

Peter Sweden said that the writer for Expo who doxxed him, Morgan Finnsio, is a member of the Bonnier elite Jewish family who owns 80% of the mainstream media.  Peter says that some of the information that was used against him could have only come from the Swedish government itself.  Morgan Finnsio’s mother works for the Swedish government.  Because doxxing ruins employment opportunities for many people, Peter Sweden has decided to work as a full-time activist against the globalists.