People Are Using Bots to Give Positive Reviews on the Captain Marvel Movie

In these last few weeks, the Rotten Tomatoes page for Captain Marvel has been the site of backlash, flooding with negative takes before the outlet disabled the comments section and score for films that haven’t been released yet. Online outrage over the movie was driven from Brie Larson’s recent Anti-White comments.

The Oscar winner said she picked Keah Brown to interview her for a recent Marie Claire profile because the journalist has cerebral palsy and is a woman of color. That’s commendable. Less so is Larson’s posturing.

“About a year ago,” Larson explains in the interview, “I started paying attention to what my press days looked like and the critics reviewing movies, and noticed it appeared to be overwhelmingly white male.”

In the small sample of reviews, viewable below you’ll notice many of the comments simply read “I’ll make it very clear and simple: Captain Marvel is really worth a watch.  It’s just entertaining and visually impressive, exactly what it was meant to be.”


But real people in the online world had a very different take on this situation.  Recent negative comments by online communities include the following:

“Why Marvel decided to cast a very vocal racist and sexist aimed at white males, I’ll never know.”

“As a white male i dont think Brie would want me watching this movie.”

“Once Brie went on an anti-White male tirade I lost interest in this movie.”

You can guess which group of people have taken issue with Larson’s stances. “Am I saying I hate white dudes? No, I am not,” Larson clarified. “What I am saying is if you make a movie that is a love letter to women of color, there is an insanely low chance a woman of color will have a chance to see your movie, and review your movie.”

Brie has been making ‘inclusivity’ a top priority for the Captain Marvel rollout, but the message has been interpreted by some as her just shutting out white males entirely.  Someone should probably teach her about the 100 years of data we have on race and IQ to explain why she doesn’t see many people of color in areas she wants them to be.