Latinos 4 Trump: Meet The Man Behind The Plan

Marco Gutierrez Is A Father, A Patriot, And A Proud Latino For Trump. He is A Patriot You Should Know…

Do you believe in the American dream?  Not the realtor’s version of a cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch-style house you can mortgage but still “call your own.”  No, the REAL American dream, the belief that anyone in this great country of ours can use their passion and hard work to become successful, even wealthy.  Do you still believe in that American Dream?  And would you dedicate your life to defending it, even if it meant sacrificing some of your own dream to do it?


Marco would and he does.  Marco Gutierrez is a patriot you should know.

“Defending the American Dream comes with a price, but in the end it will be worth it.”

Marco tells me this as we wrap up a little over an hour long phone call.  That’s not just an affirmation for Marco, it’s more like his life’s story.  Born in Mexico, Marco immigrated to the US as a teenager after raising his brothers and sisters in his home in Jalisco, Mexico.  His parents left him with the tremendous responsibility of caring for his siblings while they found work here in the States.  Reagan’s amnesty program finally reunited the family in 1991, and Marco began his journey from immigrant teen to defender of the American dream. High school and college were followed by a job in car sales, which was followed by a career in real estate, which allowed Marco to amass a small fortune.

Marco was interviewed by a number of news shows after his “Taco Truck” quote went viral.
Marco was a proud and successful realtor and small business owner in 2003.

Life’s struggles and life lessons led to the loss of that fortune. But as Marco says, you only really learn to appreciate the American dream when you have it and lose it.

With a successful real estate business, a lovely wife and growing family, Marco was cruising along towards that dream.  The mortgage meltdown of 2007 however put up a road block.  As the strong provider he is, Marco had staffed his business with extended family, so when the hard times hit, they hit not just Marco, but everyone he loved.  The pressure to maintain so many lives took it’s toll, and alcohol became an escape turned trap.  By 2007, Marco knew he needed recovery, and enrolled in a rehabilitation program that set his life back on track.  Now a grateful recovering alcoholic, Marco uses the inspiration of his lovely and amazing wife Jennifer and his 6 beautiful children to keep him going strong and to never forget what he almost lost.

It’s all about the jobs, Marco keeps spreading the message.

Enter the 2016 election. With 9 years of recovery under his belt, and a renewed sense of purpose, Marco was inspired to see Miriam Witcher in her now famous on-stage support for candidate Trump at one of his rallies.

He knew who Trump was, but hadn’t really taken a look at him as a candidate. In Marco’s words, to see a Latina woman come out for Trump when so much of the Hispanic community was against him motivated Marco to start making videos, defending Donald Trump from powerful Hispanic celebrities who were using their voices against Trump and his goal to Make America Great Again.

He worked to create Latinos 4 Trump, and to use social media to help elect our president. The group grew, and “Latinos 4 Trump” signs became a common sight at counter protests, Trump events and street rallies. His leadership put him in front of the news cameras more than once, and he learned the danger of fake news first hand.

His now infamous “taco trucks on every corner” quote in a MSM interview created a furor in the media and a division from his group, Latinos 4 Trump. Ever willing to sacrifice himself for the bigger picture, Marco stepped back from the group and began focusing on speaking out in other ways, and on how to expand the organization of the pro-Trump Hispanic community across the country.  He could see Trump’s America 1st stance would bring back the American dream not just for him, but for all Hispanics and all Americans.

Marco and other patriots doxxed on a poster in Oakland, CA by Antifa.

Throughout the election and even after the inauguration, Marco’s FB live videos gained followers across the country.  He worked hard to stay on message and in unity with the GOP, but found the established republican party support lukewarm and sparse. Thankfully, the warm embrace of fellow Trump supporters was there to replace what the GOP neglected (and they wonder why us Trump supporters don’t really trust the establishment GOP).

The violence at the Berkeley rallies was an eye opener for Marco, as it was for America.  He had tried to stay back from the “front lines” as it were, yet was still painfully injured by a thrown rock.  While many might question why someone would continue to do something that is so dangerous, Marco never questioned the necessity to stand up for free speech against those who oppose it.

As he says, he values the role that our patriot defenders played that day physically defending against Antifa. But as he also says, things are getting out of hand, both sides have crossed the line and we must redouble our efforts to use dialogue instead.  The rush and raw emotion of the Antifa street clash is exciting, but our goal to MAGA must not be compromised by our baser instincts. “We must set a GOOD example,” he reminds me.

Danger is however unavoidable when you oppose the radical Left.  Marco has been doxxed many times, information about him, his wife and children spread to those who hate.

Even after being injured by Antifa, Marco still uses humor to stay positive and on mission.

Stalkers, trolls, and Antifa are a constant reality, though in typical Marco fashion, he is more terrified for others than himself.  He is unable to maintain the life and career he once had in California because of his proud and open patriotic work in support of our president. Yet none of that has stopped this man from standing for what is right, for continuing to support Trump and his vision of success for our country. What amazes me about Marco is that he does this for the future success of all Americans, thus for many of the exact folks who oppose him, hate him and attack him.  His profound compassion for the Hispanic community is matched by his father-like realism: only through restoring the hard work required for the American dream can his fellow Hispanic Americans break out of the Democratic plantation and grab ahold of that dream for themselves.

No matter how many haters Marco acquires, he sees humor and kindness as way to respond. In the hour or so that we talked for this interview, Marco spoke more about his dreams for others, his hope for our country, and his belief in what our great president can accomplish than he did about the deep sacrifices he has made to help elect Mr. Trump.

Marco Gutierrez addressing the Sacramento Free Speech rally.

He glowed with praise for his wife and her inspiration in his life, but humbly deflected how he, Marco, has inspired many others. “I am just proud and humbled to be of service to our cause, to sponsor other Trumpers and do what I can to keep our movement strong.” He neglects to tell me what I already know about him, that he puts his own money as well as time and passion behind our cause every day. He is an American JFK would be proud of, as each day he asks what he can do for his country.  And then DOES it.
Marco has seen the division that has occasionally reared its ugly head in our movement, and he cautions against it.

“We have to be careful. When it comes to fellow Trump supporters, I take the good and leave the rest. It takes all of us to keep this movement strong, and every patriot that is willing to wake up every day committed to MAGA deserves my support.”

As a family man with 6 beautiful kids, Marco admits it’s hard to fit it all in. Yet the feeling of hope for the future of our country, hope for his kids, family and community keeps him driving forward, and setting the trend for other patriots to follow.  He tells me of the loss of hope he felt under Obama and how Trump has renewed that faith in the future and given us all a new lease on that dream we Americans hold so dear. He shares his best advice:

“In life, you sometimes have to learn to go slow in order to succeed.”

From the young teen who came to the US long ago leaving everything he knew with no way back, to the father and patriot I am proud to know today, Marco Gutierrez is what Americanism is and was always meant to be.  He is a defender of the American dream, and the American way of life. He’s a patriot you should know.

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Marco takes on Samantha Bee on Full Frontal.  Never one to shrink from a challenge! Go Marco!