PATRIOT GAMES! Trump Supporters Get Tazed During Get-Together On The Beach

Fun In The Sun!

Trump supporters hosted a ‘Deplorable BBQ’ in Huntington Beach, the infamous site of the Antifa beat down that took place on March 25th, but this time it was all fun and games.

Testosterone filled alpha-male patriots got together at one point for a stun-gun sort of ‘jump-in,’ in preview for the upcoming visit to the Antifa stronghold in Portland, Oregon on June 4th.

Hilarity ensued…

After learning their lesson from the first rally in Huntington Beach, CA, which drew over 2,000 Trump supporters, Antifa smartly decided not to show up to this get-together.  Not shockingly, the day turned out to be a peaceful gathering of patriots with food, drink, football games and plenty of pictures because of the no-show by the neo-marxists.

From left to right:

Omar Navarro, Baked Alaska, Mike Tokes, Fleccas (From Fleccas Talks on youtube,) Vincent James From The Red Elephants, and Antonio from The Oath Keepers.