Patreon Deletes Lauren Southern’s Account Without Reason

Liberal Bias In Crowdfunding

As most of you know, The Red Elephants Go Fund Me to help us get to the places you need us to be, to cover the stories you need us to cover, was also abruptly shut down within 24 hours of posting the fund.  The title simply read “Red Elephants Travel Fund.”

Now we all know Go Fund Me has a clear bias, but other crowd fund platforms are starting to show their true colors as well.  For instance, PayPal has shut down right leaning activists like Kyle Chapman, otherwise known as “Based Stick Man.” Regardless if the account makes Patreon, Paypal or GoFundMe a ton of money or not, the narrative seems like their collective message is “If we don’t  agree with your personal opinion, we will shut it down.”

Such is the case with Lauren Southern.  The popular advocacy style journalist and political reactionary, found her Patreon account to be suddenly deleted this morning.  The account had hundreds of patrons funding her journalism so that she could continue to do what she does and bring her patrons the types of stories they wanted.

Lauren Southern is most known for her work on Rebel Media, which is a conservative news and media company with right leaning e-stars like Gavin McInnes and Faith Goldy, however most of her best work that patrons fund her for are the controversial videos she does overseas showing the Islamic infiltration in places like France and Germany.

Southern also recently created a video with a group called Generation identity in Europe that was presumably a hit with most of her patrons.  Generation Identity is an organization against the Islamization of white countries in Europe and sustaining white culture. This video in particular, gained her the alt-right label on many left leaning hit pieces on the internet.

Since we have been banned from Go Fund Me, we have started a new fund on a right-leaning crowd funding site called “Back The Right.” If you’d like to help The Red Elephants get to where you need us to be, please click here.