TRUMP WAS RIGHT! – Yet Another Islamic Terrorist Attack In France


Known Muslim Terrorist Shoots Police Officer, Is Shot Dead Inside Airport – Father And Brother Arrested….

A Paris airport has been evacuated after a known radicalized Muslim man, identified as convicted criminal, Ziyed Ben Belgacem, 39, was shot dead at the airport’s south terminal almost immediately after trying to grab a soldier’s firearm.  The soldier fired multiple shots at the assailant, before the man was detained by security forces.  Reports say that the man died shortly after the incident.

According to the, Belgacem had been stopped by police officers two hours earlier for speeding.  Apparently, he had pretended to gather his papers before suddenly pulling out a shotgun and firing at three officers, injuring one.  He then sped away and abandoned the car, subsequently hijacking another one.  Afterward, he sent a text message to his brother and father stating simply, “I shot the police.”  Shortly later, he himself, was shot dead.

The father and brother reportedly turned themselves in to police after receiving the text message from the attacker, and were immediately taken into custody for questioning.  Their family home is being searched.

Eye witnesses on the scene at the airport said that they heard gunshots in the south terminal and that all of the passengers and everybody in surrounding areas were told to flee by police.  The airport was evacuated minutes later.  This witness at the scene tweeted out a short video saying “urgent evacuation.”


Paris’ Orly Airport Evacuated As Shots Are Fired, All While Duke And Duchess In City Meeting With Victims Of Prior Terrorist Attacks!

Ironically, the extremely popular Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, were in Paris on a humanitarian mission to meet with the victims of previous radical Muslim terrorist attacks which had taken place in the “city of lights.”  The royal couple were little more than ten miles away from the airport at the time of the attack.

At last report, all aircraft were being diverted from Orly Airport into Charles De Gaulle Airport, as it is being reported that the airport is on complete lockdown for not only the passengers, but the planes as well.  Paris remains under High Alert after several other earlier terrorist attacks in the French capital.


French terrorst attack map


The assailant, Belgacem, was well known to the Paris Police Department, having previously been convicted and incarcerated for drug trafficking, and also his involvement in a series of bank robberies during the late 1990s.  Authorities believe it was while in prison that he was radicalized.  While “Fox and Friends Saturday” is reporting that he was on a “Watch List” this morning, the reports that he was actually “subject to a ‘File J’ – meaning he was wanted by judicial authorities but not under surveillance.”

A source for the Daily Mail produced a photo that is allegedly from the Orly Airport’s surveillance cameras from within the south terminal, reportedly showing the suspect laying on the floor dead from gunshot wounds after attempting to take the soldier’s firearm inside the airport.




This story is still developing.  Rudy news is LIVE at the scene right now filming the aftermath of the foiled attack and events that have transpired.