Owner of Home that Arbery Entered Says the Neighborhood Was on “High Alert” Burglary of Neighbor and Reports of Trespassing

In an interview with a local news affiliate, the Homeowner of the property that Arbery was seen entering on multiple occasions, stated that prior to the shooting the neighborhood was on ‘high alert.’

Homeowner Larry English, explained that his neighbor Diego Perez had some tools stolen out of his vehicle, and that the entire neighborhood knew that there have been several stories of someone trespassing in English’s house which was being renovated.

Arbery was seen on video several times entering the home an dlooking around dating back to October of 2019. In the most recently released security footage, Arbery is seen walking slowly through the neighborhood, and then sprinting into the house likely attempting to go unnoticed. After a short while inside the home, Arbery is seen running out of the home and down the street.

Due to the reported of burglaries, as well as the many reports of English catching people on camera entering his home, the McMichaels gave chase after noticing Arbery running out of the house and down the street.