OWNED! Lady At Airport Told Sheriff Clarke To Take Hat Off…

OWNED! Lady At Airport Told Sheriff Clarke To Take Hat Off And Clarke Response Was Epic

Sheriff Clarke, a contributor for Fox News, tweeted a picture of himself wearing his Trump hat during a layover at an airport after an apparent altercation with a passerby regarding his brilliant apparel.

He tells that an unknown Woman came up to him, bravely, and said that “he should take his hat off.” He expresses how he responded:

This is yet another display of brash bravery by the left, that we all have experienced during this epic campaign or presidency of Donald Trump.  The thing that bothers me the most is that the left can have such bravery, to be as rude as they’d like regarding opposing political views, with virtualy zero repercussions by conservative citizens or anyone else for that matter.

I believe that the ‘silent majority’ needs to come forth and start making it known that this is our America now for at least the next 4 years and probably the next 8 years to come.  The left needs to start getting used to it.

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