Owen Benjamin Demonetized on YouTube After New Zealand Shooting

Conservative comedian Owen Benjamin, who has worked with Steven Crowder, PragerU, and many other prominent conservatives, had his YouTube channel completely demonetized on Friday just a day after the New Zealand Christchurch shooting.

Outside of working with prominent conservatives and doing stand up comedy around the world, Benjamin has been streaming from his YouTube channel nightly and had amassed over 230,000 subscribers before being demonetized by YouTube which removes his ability to make income online. Streaming outside in the backyard of his house, Benjamin’s streams were bringing in approximately 5,000 live viewers every single night while he talked about a plethora of political and cultural topics.

Before being demonetized, Benjamin also mentioned in a stream that Right-Wing watch, an organization funded by People for the American Way, was trying to get one his mother fired from her position at the university she worked for.

Writer Jared Holt is the main ‘journalist’ for Right-Wing watch and has set his sights on other YouTubers in the past like StyxxHexenHammer, Andy Warski, Ethan Ralph, and many others.  Ethan Ralph was banned from Youtube completely in November after The Wall Street Journal wrote a hit-piece on him.  Holt once tweeted at Streamlabs asking them why right-wing YouTuber Nicholas Fuentes was allowed to use their service, and Streamlabs responded by banning Fuentes from their service completely the following day .

The day of the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand, Benjamin posted a video talking about how Right-Wing Watch sent a threatening letter to the university his mother worked at, and demanded that she be demoted, have her grading capabilities revoked, or be fired otherwise they would send an email to “all faculty, students, and parents.” The letter also threatens that they will hear from the SPLC.  According to Benjamin, The university declined to fire her.

The organization People for the American way, which funds Right-Wing Watch and Jared Holt, also organized one of the largest protests against Brett Kavanaugh during the time when the senate hearings for Kavanaugh appointment to the supreme court were taking place.  People for the American way also directly receives much of their funding from the Open Society Foundation as shown in the 2016 tax return for the Open Society below.  The Open Society is run by George Soros.

Within the letter allegedly sent by Right-Wing watch to the university where Benjamin’s mother works, it mentioned that they also contacted the ADL and the SPLC.  This was presumably an attempt to scare the university into taking action against Benjamin’s mother.

Johnathan Greenblatt, the CEO of one of the largest Jewish organizations in America, recently openly admitted to former Obama special adviser that they are directing YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter on how to format their algorithms to weed out opinions that they do not agree with.

Greenblatt specifically mentioned “conspiracy theories” in the video below as well as calling on politicians to make specific laws to stifle speech so that no one’s feelings are hurt.

The ADL has been very open about directing YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook on who to ban, censor or demonetize.  They have been very transparent that they are the organization that determines how each of these social media companies develop and alter their algorithms to push down certain outlets, commentators, comments, videos, and posts.  Back in 2017, the ADL launched their ‘online hate index’ which social media companies have all allegedly adopted, and the ADL has been at the top of almost all ‘racial bias’ training for companies like Starbucks.

Here is the ADL talking about the AI technology they developed with Berkeley that social media companies would use.