Outlaw Morgan & Vince From The Red Elephants Go ALL OUT In Epic Interview

Outlaw Morgan, a prominent political commentator notorious for his raw and realistic outlooks and takes on the current state of the country, took time for a virtual sit-down with Vincent James from The Red Elephants.

During the in-depth conversation, they hit on a wide variety of topics including Berkeley, AntiFa, BAMN, Transgenderism and Liberal logic (which isn’t logic at all).

Here is a shortened-down version with a few highlights of the 30 minute discussion.  To see the full interview please click here, and make sure to jump to the 3:49 mark as there were audio issues in the beginning.

Outlaw Morgan has over 400,000 followers on Facebook and climbing.  A few of his recent videos, like ours, have been under attack by the biased so-called ‘algorithms,’ and have been getting less Facebook views than in prior times.  This is just another attempt by the Zuckerberg goons to suppress conservative opinions and internet-famed figures like Outlaw.  If you’d like to support him please visit his shop here.  If you’d like to support The Red Elephants, please visit our shop by clicking on the tee-shirt icon below.