Oregon Liberals Urge Citizens To Stand Against Trump Supporters On June 4th

Oregon residents held a vigil today for the victims of the Jeremy Joseph Christian stabbing attack that took place on a commuter train. The attack killed 2 people and wounded another.

Christian was charged with two counts of aggravated murder and one count of attempted murder, all felonies. He also was charged with misdemeanors: two counts of second-degree intimidation and a count of being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon, police said.

But the most curious part of this whole incident is how residents are reacting to this heinous act.  Rather than the left’s usual antics of claiming ‘mental illness,’ they instead are blaming Trump supporters.

Case in point: this clip from the vigil where a Woman is talking about upcoming June 4th Trump rally. She says that because of this act, “we can not allow fascism to march in our streets, we have to say no.’


Another woman says that this is further proof that ‘people of color are being terrorized,’ by white people.  She continues saying that we need to deal with this ‘terrorism.’

The first thing that comes to mind when watching this, is the thousands of Christians and people of western countries that are being slaughtered in a genocidal fashion, just in the past couple of years at the hand of Islamic terrorism.  What about them?

It seems as though this rhetoric at the vigil is pushing for the exact thing that the right is accused of over and over. Unjustifiably blaming a the entire group for the actions of a few.  Contrarily, any ounce of criticism towards the problems acing the religion of Islam, is deemed Islamophobia by the same folk.

Here’s the issue with blaming Trump supporters.  Christian was actually a vocal Bernie / Jill Stein supporter according to his Facebook posts.  Not only that, but this guy was all over the place.  Christian seemingly hated everyone.  His posts called for Hillary and Trump supporters to be killed back up this claim.

The white hatred continued at the vigil on Saturday, when the PCC basketball coach took the mic and called for residents to stand up against what he calls “white thugs,” in an emboldened speech to the crowd.

He says that citizens having yard signs that read ‘I stand up for social justice’ isn’t enough in the fight for social justice itself.  He also says its about more than just ‘showing up.’

Here is his segment of white hatred:

Trump supporters from all over the country are planning on hosting a rally on June 4th in Portland at Terry Schrunk Plaza, and I suspect that based on the rhetoric coming from the vigil  that there will be a few scuffles at the very least.  Possibly a few Starbucks set ablaze.  For some reason Antifa loves to attack Starbucks.

It’s suspected that this anti-Trump-supporter narrative is stemming from a few photos of Christian appearing at a past Trump rally. Not only did we prove to you that he was anything but a Trump supporter, but in the post below its clear Christian was nothing more than a mentally ill ‘troll’ with nothing better to do.