OPINION: Transgender Athletes Should Have Their Own Professional Sports Leagues — Would You Watch?

Conservative news outlets have been talking quite a bit about trans athletes having an unfair advantage over women in professional sports. Whether it is running, wrestling or volleyball, it is undeniable that these super-human competitors hold an advantage over their cis-gendered counterparts.

To solve the issue everyone seems to be having with trans athletes, I propose trans exclusive sports leagues.

Transgendered athletes just keep winning. Whether it is power lifting, cycling or the 100 meter dash, trans athletes are undeniably super-human competitors.



With win after win racking up on the charts, bigoted conservatives have resorted to legal action against trans athletes with aims at excluding the competitive athletes from their success.


It seems to me that the only logical solution to the situation at hand is to create an entirely new kind of competitive professional sports leagues. Transgender athletes deserve their own professional sports leagues.

I propose that this new trans exclusive professional sports league be televised. I, for one, would watch.