Oklahoma Police Shoot Inmate Who Took Detention Officer Hostage During March 27th Riot

We have seen many riots over the years involving radical left wing agitators who have set ablaze police stations, murdered dozens and destroyed billions of dollars worth of property. As you will see in the video below, there is only one way to quell a riot, and that is with overwhelming force.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — The Oklahoma City Police Department released a video showing inmates drag, beat and stab a jailer before police shot and killed one who was holding a homemade knife to the jailer’s neck at Oklahoma County Detention Center on Saturday, March 27. According to officials, Oklahoma City police were called in after 34-year-old Curtis Montrell Williams, an Oklahoma County jail inmate, took a detention officer’s keys, tied him up and took him hostage. Police said Williams then let out other inmates from their cells and then an inmate got ahold of the knife and stabbed the detention officer multiple times. Shortly after that, Williams got the knife again and held it to the officer’s throat as police arrived on scene. As police officers moved towards the bottom of staircase, two officer opened fire and fatally shot Williams. The detention officer was rescued and was treated for his injuries at a local hospital. Williams’ family is suing the police department, saying he acted in this way to bring attention to the conditions of the jail.

Riot: a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.

What we do generally see from authority figures is a general lack of attendance during racially charged riots after a criminal is apprehended by the authorities. With the George Floyd riots, we saw authority figures allow riotous crowds to murder dozens of people, burn down dozens of buildings and cause billions of dollars worth of damage. 

What left wing provocateurs in the media would have you believe is that these murderous crowds of rioting extremists are actually freedom fighters carrying a just cause of equality on their backs and that those who they decide are their enemies are actually upholding an oppressive regime of intolerance, and thus deserve death.

The truth is these rioting mobs, once the rioting begins, are totally unruly and out of control. The definition of a mob  is “a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence.” Mobs are without cause, generally speaking. But, those who incite mobs do have a cause, and the people inciting these race riots across the country are the media and the groups and organizations who give the media their marching orders.

Police officers have been told to stand down as riotous mobs rape and pillage cities they have had no hand in building. Police follow the orders of standing down even as shop owners burn alive attempting to quell the rioters flames.

These riotous mobs are institutionally supported by the unelected system of media and entertainment, and granted permission with stand down orders from police officers.

The only way to stop a rioting mob is with overwhelming force, and until we see an overwhelming response from the authorities, you can only assume that the actions of these racially charged riotous mobs are endorsed by the authorities.