Oh, So Now It’s “Non-Consensual Sex”

Bill Clinton Now Identifies As a Non-consentualist

Today on my communist NPR the news was about a new director who has been outed for using his power in the film industry as a cheap come on to pick up women. Aside from being a pansy, this puts him in the elite ranks of sexual harassment and assault perpetrators that have made the news recently. The radio announcer brought up this fellows unwanted advances on women, mentioned Bill O’Reilly’s multimillion dollar settlement, and used a very disturbing PC phrase, “Non-Consensual Sex”

Last I heard from my feminist friends, rape is rape. For me as a Christian, pretty much any sex outside of the holy boundary of marriage set up by God between a loving husband and wife qualifies as rape, not just of the body but of the spirit. So now to hear the left wing whackos diluting the meaning of rape. George Carlin would have a field day with this.

Are rapists now their own gender? Do they identify as only being attracted to people who don’t want to have sex with them? Should we put Bill Cosby and Clinton on Vanity fair as woman of the year for their bold coming out as “non-consensualists”? Should Hugh Hefner, the quaalude feeding dead guy, be hailed as a pioneer in the field of non-consentualists by posting naked Pictures of Marilyn Monroe without her approval and feeding women drugs to ease them into bed?

Maybe Rape is, get this, rape.

No-Means No:

The problem with non-consentual versus rape is the blurring of lines. Rape, as I see it, is a woman running screaming from a crazed lunatic in the dead of night. Rape is a creep putting a pill in a girls drink when she is gone. Non-Consensual just dilutes that to a stupid degree. Worst of all, it transforms “Attempted Rape” into “Attempted Non-Consensual Sex” which is dangerously neutral, equating attempted rape to a clueless dweeb hitting on a woman who obviously isn’t interested.

For those people out there who do not use Tinder or other hook up apps, there will always be an element of uncertainty in meeting new people, and unlike on Tinder they don’t automatically assume instant sexual attraction. We already have a term for when a guy walks up to an adult human female who does not instantly want a romantic relationship, marriage, kids and a house with him. It is called, “Dating” or “Getting to know each other” and up until about a week ago was not against the law or socially stigmatized until the hashtag #MeToo started trending.

Women started using the hashtag #MeToo to indicate that they were a victim of Sexual Assault. You would log onto your social media of choice and a woman or mom or friend would have a story that they had been sexually assaulted, and the human connection with these people stuck. About two days after the trend started, it went from “sexual assault” to “sexual assault and harassment.”

Now, rather than defend this with any concrete point of my own: SNL did a skit on how it’s not sexual harassment if you are attractive:

It’s only A Matter of Time Before this Gets Censored:

“Including sexual harassment with sexual assault helps because sexual harassment can lead to assault” -The Barista at this Coffee Shop

It just seems weird in a world where Tinder is kindling the flames of our lustful nature by rewording the most discussing puns and encouraging pre-marital hand holding to a degree the defiles the imagination only to turn tail and play the Feminist Trump card on any unwanted advance as “That’s sexual assault.” While, as commonly mentioned, demonizing people like Mike Pence who goes so far out of his way to avoid even a hint of iniquity that it borders on Prudish, while conveniently ignoring the latent sexism in making an interview with a woman all about her politically powerful husband..

Obviously cat calling on the street is different than lewd inferences on Tinder, but according to RAINN, it’s in the same category of Sexual Assault as Gang Rape and Incest. Well, it has to be, in the same way that College Equestrian is exactly as much a Sport as Football, and to say otherwise is sexual harassment.