It’s OFFICIAL! Bikers For Trump Has Confirmed With Us They’ll Be At The Inauguration

With all the talks of potential mass protest and riots that could be taking place at the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump, we decided to reach out to Bikers For Trump to get a sense on if they would be there to keep the peace, and to allow Trump to deliver what will be his most important speech to

Vincent James of The Red Elephants has spoken with Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump, asking if his coalition would be in attendance.

“Yes, we have big plans (for the inauguration) we will be posting all the details in December,” Cox said.

Vincent reminded Chris how important his work was, and that everything the group does for the people and for president-elect Trump doesn’t go unnoticed by the people, or even Trump himself.

“It’s a good fight. Reach out to me early December, and we will fill you in,” Cox responded.

The Bikers For Trump showed up for the president-elect in a big way in Cleveland at the convention this year, forming a “wall of meat,” as Chris calls it, around the Quicken Loans Arena, while the republicans held their convention in Ohio.

From their quick chat, Vincent had the feeling it will be much, much bigger than Cleveland.  More to come.