Off Duty Cop / Uber Driver Kills 3 Attackers, And Curb Stomps One Of Them

An off-duty cop, driving for uber on the side, was attacked by three assailants in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Unfortunately for the three thugs this Uber driver was armed, and a hell of a lot better trained.

As one of the criminals attempts to open the door and pull the driver out in what looks like a classic GTA, the driver fires at him dropping him to the floor.  The driver then continues to fire additional rounds into the passengers in the back seat.  The third attacker then tries to flee the scene when the driver steps out and engages him, shooting him to the ground.

The drier while out of the vehicle checking his surroundings notices one of the thugs on the ground attempting to get up. He swiftly curb stomps his head into the pavement and proceeds to look for additional attackers.

All three attackers reportedly died from their wounds. Because Brazil’s gun laws are the likes of what the left desires for America, the off duty cop/Uber driver was terminated from Uber and also faces homicide charges.

Here is the video: